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My vision is to change how leading organisations, around the world, measure and manage performance – by 2030

Become a disciple of Peter Drucker

You may thirst for cutting-edge knowledge from the young guns of management thinking. But don’t be fooled. There is little in management that is really new.

In your career, you will face many issues, and you can bet that Peter Drucker (1909-2005), the father of modern management, has already thought about it and offered some brilliant […]

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Eight steps to better decision making

In life, we need to make the right decisions for the big ones more frequently. We can achieve this by following some useful techniques I have outlined here.

Peter Drucker, yes, I have mentioned him before, observed that weak managers make plenty of easy decisions while strong managers make fewer decisions – only the big ones. […]

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Ten+ ways to improve meetings

One thing I am sure of is that you are attending too many meetings.

As your skills become more developed and successful, you will be involved more and more in meetings. I do not envy you at all. You may find that many meetings in your organization do not actually lead to any action being taken. […]

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Invest Time To Explore “Action Meetings”

Most meetings are totally defective. They are held because they are considered a ritual. The fundamental purpose of the meeting has long since been forgotten.

Most managers, at some time, have received training in managing meetings, yet the level of frustration inflicted with meetings remains the same. A methodology has been developed called “Action Meetings” by […]

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Embrace the SCRUM methodology on all projects

Yet again, this is another concept introduced to me by my mentor friend.  It just shows how having a coffee and asking, “What new techniques are you using at work that are giving you an advantage?” can provide golden nuggets.

If you have not attended a scrum course, you still have a beginner’s belt, whereas you […]

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