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Embracing abandonment

Embracing abandonment

Management guru Peter Drucker could, by some, be considered the Leonardo da Vinci of management – I believe he will be better understood and respected 400 years after his life than now. He frequently said that abandonment is the key to innovation – I consider these pieces of advice to be one of his […]

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Jack Welch – Leadership in the 21st century

In writing The Leading-Edge Managers Guide to Success, I analysed some famous leaders, Including Jack Welch.

Where do you start to analyse the leadership traits of Jack Welch. The CEO who took General Electric (GE) from being worth $10billion to $500 billion… He has been successful on many levels, as a master of maintaining profitability, […]

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Effective Recruiting

Understand That Time Spent Recruiting Is the Most Valuable Time

Far too often managers, when looking at their calendar, throw up their hands when they realize that they have another recruitment interview to do. It is the last thing they need at this point in time. Yet, recruitment should be seen as the most important thing […]

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Minimizing own personal baggage

(Extract from Winning leadership)
From the time we enter this world, we develop traits and habits that will be limiting factors in our management and leadership of people. We will always be running with a few cylinders misfiring unless we fully understand our behavior patterns and those around us. We inherit baggage from our ancestry, along […]

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David's Specialities

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Key performance indicators (KPIs), while used commonly around the world, have never until now been clearly defined. Management personnel have identified measures as KPIs though these measures have never been KPIs. The lack of understanding of performance measures has led most monitoring and reporting of measures to fail. The casualty has often […]

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Leadership Lessons from Down under

Extract from “The Leading-edge Manager’s guide to Success”.
New Zealand is famous for its pristine environment, its rugby prowess, its yachting expertise and its warm welcome to visitors.
There is however more to the small nation that “bats above its weight” on many things on the world stage. New Zealand has produced a unique set of leaders […]

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Hostmanship a key leadership skill

I will never forget an interview I had with a CEO of Pilkington’s Auto motive Glass in New Zealand.  The interview was arranged as I had heard that their management practices were quite unique.  I arrived at the reception and then was greeted by the CEO. After a very interesting session, where he did not […]

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When TOMs (takeovers or mergers) go bad

The Economist ran a very interesting series on six major TOMs and this article looks at some of the lessons learnt, which are very relevant to the NZ environment, and provides a scorecard for your next TOM.

It is often quoted, and even great leaders seem to forget, that history has a habit of repeating itself. […]

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Were we so clever to get rid of morning tea?

I remember my first impressions of the New Zealand business world when I arrived from England in 1982, just after the Springbok Tour. As an Auditor I visited many New Zealand companies and experienced firsthand the daily procession to morning tea. Looking back, I do recall some interesting characteristics of this ritual, such […]

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Implementing 360 degree feedback

What are the best ways to make the 360 degree feedback process work? What can you do to make the process less time consuming for the organisation?

Participants in our better practice studies* have found practical solutions to both these questions.

We have noted the increasing use of 360 degree feedback and the positive responses with […]

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