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Implementing 360 degree feedback

What are the best ways to make the 360 degree feedback process work? What can you do to make the process less time consuming for the organisation?

Participants in our better practice studies* have found practical solutions to both these questions.

We have noted the increasing use of 360 degree feedback and the positive responses with which […]

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Measuring Performance in Challenging Times

Our traditional tools and processes for performance measurement are more akin to Charles Dickens than
the 21st century, and thus more appropriate for the Victoria and Albert Museum than a fast and flexible
organisation. We need to look at what we can do immediately and the changes we need to work on in the next six months.
Immediate changes
The finance team has […]

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28 tips on investing like Warren Buffet

A Warren Buffet styled “Investment checklist”

Extract from “Don’t Say That I Didn’t Tell You: Advice from a father to his 20-something-daughters” by David Parmenter
Warren Buffet, called by many as the “greatest investor alive today” has always
been open about the way Berkshire Hathaway invests. Pouring over his annual
reports, I have developed this checklist to help me […]

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Free media for `The Leading Edge Managers Guide to Success` book owners

Coming Soon…

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Leading-Edge Manager’s Guide to Success (Book and Toolkit options)

Moving into a new position of leadership is one of the toughest challenges a businessperson can face. Yet, many drift into it without adequate preparation, hoping a great career will just happen. In The Leading-Edge Manager’s Guide to Success, performance management thought leader David Parmenter presents proven solutions and cutting-edge techniques in your journey toward […]

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12 Leadership lessons from Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill is so iconic that his statute facing the Houses of Parliament simply says ‘Churchill’. What is fascinating is that Churchill’s success came after many calamities that would have floored a mere mortal. Churchill’s lessons to leadership are quite profound and are different from many other leaders. I also believe there are lessons […]

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Treasure Mapping to Work With the Law of Attraction

So what is a treasure map?  It is using the mind mapping technique, see Exhibit 1, combined with pictures of the outcomes you are seeking.  On an A3 page you set out all the areas in your life where you want to score goals, state the goals, and stick pictures to help you visualize the […]

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25 tips for delivering bullet proof PowerPoint presentations + checklist

This is a skill you need to adopt before you can be an effective manager.  So best to start now.  I will assume that you have attended a presentation skills course, a prerequisite to bullet-proof PowerPoint presentations.  The speed of delivery, voice levels, using silence, getting the audience to participate are all techniques that you […]

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12 features you need to structure an employee performance bonuses scheme

Performance bonuses give away billions of dollars each year based on methodologies where little thought has been applied.  Who are the performance bonus experts? What qualifications do they possess to work in this important area other than prior experience in creating mayhem we currently have?
When one looks at their skill base one wonders how did they get listened to […]

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50+ steps to copy to catch up on Toyota’s 15 year culture advantage

In Jeffrey Liker’s  book, The Toyota Way, it is clear how different the company is. Here are some examples:

Staff on the production line have the authority to stop production if a unit has a fault that cannot be fixed in time.
They do not merely test for quality at the end; they ensure it is in […]

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