Winning Leadership

Imagine your organisation being led, at all levels, by winning leaders. Imagine your organisation growing all its senior leaders . Imagine your organisation recruiting the right staff all the time.

This website will offer you methodologies from the great paradigm shifters ( Drucker, Welch, Collins, Hamel) in an easy to absorb way. The methods will have a profound impact on your organisation and on your career.

We can make this winning leadership a reality. I’m David Parmenter, and I teach how to develop winning leadership throughout your organisation. . I’ve delivered keynote addresses for Profile international, Target International, Cenof, IBM Finance Forum, TEC Malaysia, CPA FIJI Branch, Institute Of Chartered Accountants new Zealand, Open University UK, World capability Congress, Reporters Czech Republic. If you want a dynamic motivational speaker at your conference book me.
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I have written a white paper called “Winning Leadership- a Viking with a Mother’s Heart” is my up to date thinking on the topic.  My book “The Leading –Edge Manager’s Guide to Success” covers more management processes.  Both these resources will help you on your journey toward becoming an extraordinary manager and leader.

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What makes a good leader

“What makes a good leader?” I was asked across a dinner table. To answer this you need to understand what makes a serving leader. How do you obtain the qualities and character that make people want to follow you over the top of the trenches? I have exploring leadership for some time. As a disciple of Peter Drucker I have read most of his work, and I have spent much time interpreting of the exploits of modern-day leaders such as Jack Welch former CEO of General Electric and comparing their styles to historic leaders such as Sir Winston Churchill, Horatio Nelson, and Sir Ernest Shackleton.

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