Sir Winston Churchill is so iconic that his statute facing the Houses of Parliament simply says ‘Churchill’. What is fascinating is that Churchill’s success came after many calamities that would have floored a mere mortal. Churchill’s lessons to leadership are quite profound and are different from many other leaders. I also believe there are lessons we can apply to leadership in a business environment.

Lesson 1 Always believe you have a legacy to leave the human race.
Lesson 2 Have a good hobby so in times of crisis you have a refuse.
Lesson 3 When you stuff up it is better to ‘fall on your sword’ as you will surely rise again soon
Lesson 4 Have a sanctuary where you can escape the maddening crowd
Lesson 5 The written word is mightier than the sword
Lesson 6 Never let a lack of a degree or a sound education hold you back
Lesson 7 Learn to be a great orator
Lesson 8 Manage PR.
Lesson 9 Personal contact with key decision makers is vital
Lesson 10 See the future
Lesson 11 Stay close to scientists / technology advancements
Lesson 12 Understand your body rhythms and work patterns

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