here is a selection of the articles I have written.,  You access the on the ‘articles’ drop menu.

Self Improvement

  • Were we so clever to get rid of morning tea?
  • Minimizing own personal baggage
  • Hostmanship
  • Treasure Mapping


Staff Satisfaction

  • Implementing 360 degree feedback
  • Were we so clever to get rid of morning tea?

Leading management practices

  • Throw out the budget process, or at least radically alter it
  • Is your budgeting process adding value to your company?
  • How to implement quarterly rolling planning – and get it right first time
  • critical success factors
  • Is your board reporting process out of control?
  • Measuring Performance in Challenging Times
  • Toyota’s 15 year advantage

Takeovers, reoganisations, bonuses

  • When TOMs (takeovers or mergers) go bad
  • Performance Bonuses – the foundations stones
  • The Merger Sting – and why mergers cannot succeed
  • A Warren Buffet styled “Investment checklist”

Meetings and time management

  • Implementing “Action Meetings” Methods
  • Action meetings and other major management breakthroughs
  • Management practices by the Pier Nine Restaurant
  • Time is of the essence
  • Ways to save time from meetings
  • Delivering bullet proof presentations

Attracting, recruiting and growing talent

  • Management practices by the Pier Nine Restaurant
  • Effective Recruiting
  • Attracting recruiting and growing talent
  • Effective recruiting
  • Hiring headaches

Leadership traits

  • leadership in the era of distraction
  • Jack Welch – Leadership in the 21st century
  • Sir Winston’s Legacy to Leadership
  • Leadership Lessons from Down under