In writing The Leading-Edge Managers Guide to Success, I analysed some famous leaders, Including Jack Welch.

Where do you start to analyse the leadership traits of Jack Welch. The CEO who took General Electric (GE) from being worth $10billion to $500 billion… He has been successful on many levels, as a master of maintaining profitability, as a nurturer of talent as well as a writer and speaker. Forbes magazine crowned him the best business leader of the 20th century. Many GE shareholders looked back with a smile and thanked their lucky stars that they had invested in GE.

I would like to explore Welch’s achievements through a model of winning leadership. This model looks at leadership from two perspectives. What foundations stones need to be in place in order to lead? As Jack Welch would say these are the ‘tickets to the game’. Secondly, what are the traits that a leader needs to master in order to be as effective as Jack Welch clearly was?

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