As a leader, there are fifteen leadership skills to master:

People skills 1.    Master of communication and public relations
2.    Recruiting and promoting
3.    Develop and maintain stakeholder relationships
4.    Selling and leading change
5.    Provisioning for the team
6.    Develop, engage, and trust
7.    Valuing results and empowering your team
8.    Valuing work life balance
Setting direction skills 9.    Have a vision of your legacy
10. Define the mission, vision, values and strategy
11. Working with the organisation’s critical success factors
Execution skills 12. Embrace abandonment (letting go of the past)
13. Champion of innovation, quality and learning
14. A focus on execution
15. Using your mentors and your safe-haven effectively

To read more about them access David Parmenter’s Working guide: Winning Leadership: A Viking with a Mother’s Heart