15 skills successful leaders need to master

As a leader, there are fifteen leadership skills to master, and this mastery can be achieved by all leaders who are committed to learning and have a mentor or two supporting them.  I have broken these skills up into two groups, people orientated skills and personal skills.

People skills 1.    Communicating and influencing
2.    Recruiting and promoting
3.    Develop and maintain stakeholder relationships
4.    Selling and leading change
5.  Provisioning for the team
6.  Engaging others
7.  Valuing results and empowering your team
8.  Valuing work life balance
Setting direction skills 9.  Have a vision of your legacy
10. Define the mission, vision, values and strategy
11. Working with the organisation’s critical success factors
Execution skills 12. Embrace abandonment (letting go of the past)
13. Champion of innovation and excellence
14. A focus on execution
15. Using your mentors and your safe-haven effectively

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I have separated these leadership traits into three categories, people focused traits, execution traits and handling change traits (Visit). Some of these behavioural traits, if lacking, may be very difficult to embed such as “integrity and honesty”, “love thy neighbour as thyself”, “abundance of positive energy” and “ability to excel in a crisis”. Thus, when recruiting for a key leadership position, the staff involved in the recruiting process must apply exhaustive processes to unearth any flaws in these traits.

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