As a result of a leadership think tank it was pointed out that it is imperative to separate those leadership behaviour traits that need to be in your DNA from those skills that can be learnt. In the thinktank we came up with eight behaviour traits that need to be in your DNA and fifteen skills that can be learnt.

The good news is that behaviour traits can be changed if the leader is committed.  It takes up to twelve weeks working on one behaviour change, every week, until the “penny drops” and it becomes an automatic response.

The eight behaviour traits of success leaders are:

People focused traits 1.    Integrity and honesty
2.    “Love thy neighbour as thyself”
3.    Self-awareness and self-regulation
Execution traits 4.    Abundance of positive energy
5.    Decision making and risk taking
6.    Seeing future opportunities
Handling change traits 7.    Ability to excel in a crisis
8.    Learning agility

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